Idea: Fun Stampers Journey Digital Enhancements

This week, I’m in Phoenix, Arizona, while my wife attend the annual conference for Fun Stampers Journey (FSJ). Being here sparks some ideas around their business that I’ll be sharing here. Customer webpage palettes One of the skills that FSJ is teaching their coaches this week is building a personal brand. Additionally, they have just … More Idea: Fun Stampers Journey Digital Enhancements

Design Review Process

Recently at work, I got to observe a outside firm present a the design for a new application.  After the designs were approved, this firm built the application. As we went through this process, we discovered several things that should have been caught earlier – prior to the start of development.  This got me thinking … More Design Review Process

Scanning a resume

When scanning the resumes of college students at a career fair, I am trying to quickly answer three questions: Is this person in the right major & year for our positions? If so, have they met our general qualifications (GPA, coursework)? If so, what do I want to hear more about? The first question is … More Scanning a resume

Big Room Planning: An Introvert’s Guide

This post was originally published on November 9th, 2015 on LinkedIn. Big room planning is the quarterly planning session for the Scaled Agile Framework.  During this exercise, all of our teams, management, legal, compliance, and many others participated.  About 150-200 people all together – getting things done at a much faster pace than would be … More Big Room Planning: An Introvert’s Guide

Social Debt

This was first published on August 25th, 2015 on LinkedIn. First, Technical Debt Technical debt is the gap between building software quickly and building it correctly.  In the pursuit of deadlines, we write code that lacks modularity, test cases, or documentation, among other things.  Essentially, the code is less perfect than we would like it … More Social Debt