Idea: Fun Stampers Journey Digital Enhancements

This week, I’m in Phoenix, Arizona, while my wife attend the annual conference for Fun Stampers Journey (FSJ). Being here sparks some ideas around their business that I’ll be sharing here.

Customer webpage palettes

One of the skills that FSJ is teaching their coaches this week is building a personal brand. Additionally, they have just completed a coach website redesign. These two ideas poise FSJ to offer an interesting differentiator for coaches: allowing each coach to select a custom color palette for their page. 

For an additional fee or as part of an enhanced website cost, each coach would select the primary, secondary, and accent colors from the currently available paper or ink colors. If The selected colors are retired, the palette would reset to the default, and the coach will be contacted through an automated email. 

From a technical perspective, the FSJ would need to identify the color codes the best match each color. This is likely being done already to enable their online catalogs and other digital assets. Once that is done, add a back office configuration to select from the available colors. On page load, the CSS would simply replace the default colors with the custom selection. 

Business accounting tool

Fun Stampers Journey has a business model based on individual consultants selling products. When tax time comes around, each consultant if you’re responsible for filing the property tax forms. FSJ could differentiate themselves among companies using this business model by creating a business accounting tool for their coaches. 

This tool would automatically pull in any income paid to the coach, and any back office expensive (website, etc.). It would also allow coaches to mark orders as business expenses, upload receipts, or add custom lines of income/expense. At the end of the year, coaches could export and a new statement with which to repair their taxes.
This would be paid as an add on to the website or other back office cost. Additionally, this tool could be a launching point to cross sell tax preparation services, for which FSJ would receive a referral fee. 

Card cost calculator

Many FSJ coaches run card classes as a way to promote a products and build a downline. For $10-$20, interested stampers will come and make 3 to 4 cards and browse the current catalog. Separately, FSJ has a subscription box (Bloom Box) that includes the materials for a few cards that is sent monthly.

Well these are both great marketing tools, card classes and Bloom Boxes cannot be delivered at a loss. To ensure the correct pricing, FSJ should create a card cost calculator. This would allow a person to enter the amount and type of materials used to generate a cost per card estimate. The drives cost savings and accurate accounting for both FSJ an individual coaches.

FSJ could also use this as a design pipeline for the Bloom Box. As coaches (perhaps of a certain sales level or higher) create cards that are well received, they could submit the card and materials list to FSJ. If the card is selected for the Bloom Box, the coach would receive credit. This reduces the creative costs incurred by FSJ, and may drive spikes a business to that coach.


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