GMAT: The first practice test

I’ll admit, I haven’t kept up with my diligent studying the way I intended.  That being said, I had time today to take a practice exam, so I jumped on it.

I went to Manhattan Prep and took their first (free) exam.  I got a 610 (40Q, 34V).  I was a little concerned, as Ready 4 GMAT currently estimates a 710 (49Q, 36V).  However, several guides that I’ve read mention that these sites estimate your score low (two reasons: first, people are less likely to complain that they earned a higher score than expected, and second, that it makes people more likely to pay for their tutoring services).

The Manhattan Prep site gives a good recap of each question, outlining how to approach the question and why each answer is right or wrong.  It also allows you to export your results as a spreadsheet.  From this, I was able to pull the types of questions that I got wrong and look for common ones:

  • Algebraic Translations
  • Polygons
  • Triangles and Diagonals
  • Inference
  • Passage Structure
  • Quantity
  • Weaken the Argument

On the quant side, I noticed several things that I once knew but have forgotten:

  • sqrt(2) ~= 1.4
  • sqrt(3) ~= 1.3
  • 180(n – 2) = the sum of interior angles
  • Manipulating exponents, fractions, etc
  • Geometric formulas for area and volume
  • Trigonometry formulas for finding angles and side lengths

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for future updates!  I have to get this finished up relatively soon one way or another.

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