2017: The Year of the GMAT and Other Things

One of my goals for 2017 is to be accepted to the UTSA MBA program and begin my leveling courses (a set of courses designed to give some basic knowledge that would be covered in an undergraduate business degree).

The application deadline for the fall semester is July 1st.

There are 4 requirements to make a capital-A application:
Completed application form
Personal statement

The GMAT will take the longest prep time, so I am starting that now. A quick google shows that scores can take up to 20 days to send, so I am targeting a final test date of June 1st. I would also like a second chance, so I’ll aim to take the first test at the beginning of May. That gives me 4 months- here goes nothing.

I’ve done some reading on the GMAT subreddit, and learned some of the common acronyms.  I’ve also downloaded the Ready4GMAT app, which I’ll do a full post on as I get further into it, and the official GMAT guide for 2017 ($28 on Amazon).

Right now Ready4GMAT estimates a 610 (29 verbal, 45 quant) – but this is just the beginning!

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